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lancer-spin hello!! welcome to my website. i've never coded html [or.. at all really] before so if this sucks or looks like ass. so sorry. i'm trying.
this website looks very lame and barebones rn, plan on updating it and making it look cooler soon!! i've been out of state and unable to work too well. also this might look fucked on mobile i apologize for that lancer-spin
last edited on july thirty-first 2023

joe introduction

hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hiiiii :3333

my name is joey!!
i'm sixteen. white. my pronouns change a lot, the default is he mostly but she and they are alright as well. so are neos [feel free to try out whatever you want on me i'd love it.] i don't really label my sexuality but i am very queer and also polyamorous. trans and nonbinary as well. my dms are ALWAYS open for my mutuals to talk to me or send posts or whatever! feel free to message me about anything. a lot of stuff in here is mostly directed towards my instagram following so if you were to read some of this from like neocities or something it might not make as much sense HAHA. scroll towards the bottom of the site for fun stuff teehee

my to do list for the site lol

see my for specifics about me

a fun fact about me is that i met obama in purple guy cosplay when i was like nine almost ten

where to find me at


i'm autistic, my spinterest is undertale/deltarune,
some other interests of mine are splatoon, re-animator, jojo's bizarre adventure, chainsaw man, death note, moral orel, the childs play franchise [the movies mostly], bendy and the ink machine/dark revival, the stanley parable, minecraft, slime rancher, stardew valley, rhythm games, markiplier, jerma985, clowns, probably more i forget a lot of my interests until they're brought up. i enjoy collecting charms and trinkets and thrifting stuff. if you'd ever like to talk to me about any of these things you're super free to dm me! i tend to post a LOT about utdr so that's just a warning haha

oh also i occasionally draw and have a ton of ocs. my art acc is mttcafe on insta

for my ig mutuals: i'm not very much of a kinsta page anymore, [THANK GOD THE WORLD IS HEALING.] but i do like giving tags so if you ever want those let me know!!


i don't really have a dni because nobody listens to them. but my website is not a safe space for proshitters, fatphobia [i am fat lol,] all of that basic bigoted shit i'm not gonna list them all because going "no transphobes" its like yeah obviously i dont want you guys here

i used to have a mutual review section here but perhaps i'll get an updated one for the neocities. [UPDATE I'M ADDING IT AS WE SPEAK YEAAH]


"THE COOLEST GUY EVER. FUCKING PAWESOME!!! 100/10 !! 🔥🔥🔥🔥" - @jonsnowthinker

"10/10 mutual. Makes me very happy. Makes me smile. I see undertale and deltarune and think of them, and that makes me very happy. Would follow and become mutuals with them in other timelines and universes🫡" - @vreetea

"pretty cool guy. i'd show him a rock if i found one" - @harlanzzie

"10/10 mootie pootie tells me everything which is very funny 2 me they oddly remind me of hotdogs ( bc of sans undertale ) very funny and supportive would break a leg 4 u" - @file_calio

"joey." - @badhairkae

"10/10 moot so funny so silly and approachable, im always glad to see his posts on my feed!!! he updates me on ut/dr news and even read the tbhk manga for me he is such a homie" - @hisubun_

"joe mama 🧄" - @toppeepee

"Just a silly little guy ya know? Like SO silly. 10/10." - @red.moon.marauder

"10/10 moot quite silly i enjoy seeing ur posts in my timeline they make me go holy molay..." - @sunsp0nge

"10/10 joey js FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!! very awesome great cool .... its very funny when he posts about his interests and goes crazy, joey is an awesome cool!!!!!!!!!!!! happy we're mutuals" - @woofwoofwoofwoofbarkbarkbark

"10/10 mutual love to see joe posts on my feed epic account 👍" - @swaglordpuppy

"A bit silly, a bit goofy, but still a good fella. 10/10" - @sonicfan215

"100/10 silly goofy funny name sharer love this guy you remind me of Joey from friends/pos" - [joe note: i've never watched friends i hope very much that that is a good comparison...]

"pppej joe is so awesome, would follow in another life 11/10" - @eldritchcr0w

"has great book recs and a cool acc! Very very cool lad 10/10" - @klazomaniacz

see below for a jumble of resources that i'll organize later! such as my super cool guestbook and widgets and webrings!!!!!


Sign my Guestbook!

email me!


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