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welcome to my website

hello! welcome. i'm very new to html coding, so please forgive me if some of this doesn't look the greatest. it's a work in progress! i will try very hard to update and improve frequently! big, MASSIVE thank you to my buddy wolf for helping me out with this layout! you're the best. [check them out here!]

about the webmaster

my name is joey! i'm seventeen, i use he/she/they pronouns [or any that your mind can come up with! call me whatever.] i'm TRANSGENDER and QUEER and AUTISTIC!! i'm the worlds biggest freak. i love undertale, deltarune, re-animator, and death note. i'm very normal about these things please trust me. i promise.

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brand new layout! thank you wolf for the help! i am so stoked about this, and hopefully more updates are to come!
here's a link to my old layout.

to-do list

  • make a proper layout [thanks wolf :3]
  • header with links to other pages
  • MAKE those other pages..
  • hm.. what pages do i want..
  • about me
  • collection of blinkies, stamps, etc
  • collection of images i like. a gallery
  • interest shrine. utdr. reanimator. etc
  • a page for those dumb quizzes LOL
  • alright besides those. a chatbox perhaps?
  • i really want a cool cursor trail. so bad.